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Vote for New Park Name


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Dunmore Community Association

DCA Members!


Please cast your vote for the new park name below:




The DCA Board of Directors selected the top 3 submissions to be considered for the vote at the July 14th Board of Directors Meeting.

Names were eliminated that had "West" or "Dunmore" in the titles because it is a goal of this board to promote "one community" as opposed to East vs West, or Old vs New Dunmore.  Likewise, Dunmore has 2 parks, not one "Dunmore" park.

Only members (in good standing) of the Dunmore Community Association will qualify to vote.

Voting Guidelines:


1.  Name submissions will be voted on by the DCA members blind - (person who submitted it will not be visible at time of vote)

2.  Voting will be open until Friday July 23rd at 4:00pm (1 week)

3.  The winning name will have the most votes submitted, not necessarily a majority of the membership

4.  The person who submits the winning name will receive a $100 gift certificate to Rusty's Roadhouse and it will be posted publicly on this website and on Facebook.

Voting deadline is July 23rd, 2021 at 4:00pm

Please select ONE. Multiple entries will invalidate your vote.

Thanks for submitting!

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