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Dunmore Community Impact Grant


What is this grant for?

Cypress County sponsors a $2000 annual fund to distribute to anyone planning a program or event that impacts the Dunmore Community in a positive way!  The DCA administrates this fund.

Who can apply?

Dunmore Groups or clubs

Dunmore Organizations

Dunmore Residents


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How much can I apply for?

This grant is meant to be issued in small amounts so multiple individuals/groups/kids can benefit each year.  You can apply for any amount up to $2000, though the DCA will give preference to applications that impact the whole community, and will seek to support as many projects/events/ideas as possible.

Does my event or project have to be a certain size?

No.  Creativity and inspiration comes in all different sizes and shapes.  You can't always anticipate how many people will attend or participate in an event, no matter how well planned and executed it is!  

This grant is designed to raise community spirit and involvement, and give a bit of help to anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and try to do something for the community. 


Is it hard to apply?

No.  We have kept the process as simple as possible, though kids may need some assistance from their parents.  Just tell us:

1. your contact info

2. description of your event and how it will impact the community

3. total cost, and how much you're asking for

4. after event, provide copies of receipts of equal or greater value than the amount you were awarded, and a few photos.

That's it! 


How do you qualify for this grant?

ANY event, program, or plan that benefits the residents of Dunmore qualifies for funding.  If you have an idea for organizing an event or are looking for funds to help with prizes or supplies then you can apply!

When is the deadline to apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year, but the $2000 fund renews each May.  The DCA reviews applications at the next scheduled board meeting after it is received, and funding is awarded on a first-come basis until the fund is used up for that year.  We recommend submitting your application as early in the year as possible, even if your event won't take place until much later.


What are some ideas to get my creative juices flowing?

Program Ideas:

Mowing lawns for seniors

Doggie poop bags along walking paths

"Spread the Love" window painting/design

Treasure Day (organize a junk swap)

Event Ideas:

Christmas hayride/hot chocolate/caroling


Talent show

Demonstration or class (yoga at park, etc...)

Block party

The sky is the limit!  Get a group of friends together, or try something solo.  

Previous Recipients


  1. $200 Festival of Lights

  2. $500 Intergenerational Learning Program

  3. $500 Irvine School Christmas Dinner

  4. $200 Valleyview Seniors Facility – Gifts for Seniors

  5. $200 Irvine School Christmas Market

  6. $400 Eagle Butte High School/ I.F          Cox Elem School Reading &                  Gingerbread Houses


  1. $300 4-H Club

  2. $1000 Dunmore Equestrian Society

  3. $150 Festival of Lights

  4. $300 4-H Club


  1. $200 Festival of Lights

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